Food Truck Application

Food truck owners, H & 8th Night Market takes pride in curating a varied selection of delicious foods for Oklahoma City to enjoy. We are looking for locally owned, gourmet and high quality vendors, who can handle non-stop traffic from 6-11. Extra points if your food is healthy, locally sourced, vegan, or otherwise unique. Extra points if you engage on social media and have a great facebook, twitter, and/or Instagram following. Extra extra points if you are using compostables.

Your job is to handle the food, beverage stations will be on us.

To be considered for our annual event on June 3, you must submit your application through the form below by April 22. After our review, invitations will be sent no later than May 2. Upon receipt of invitation, you will have until May 6 to submit the $200 vendor fee and necessary documents before slots are offered to those on the waiting list. Don’t worry, details will be included in the invitation email.

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Are you a food truck owner? Apply to join H&8th by submitting the information below.

Deadline: The deadline for each month’s applications is the 3rd. Any applications received AFTER the 3rd will be eligible for the next (and future) month’s drawings. 

How applications are handled: Each month we have a lottery drawing for the available spots. Every truck drawn will be informed via e-mail when their name is chosen. This drawing happens the first week of each month. Every lottery drawn truck must confirm that they’re available within 1 week of receiving their invitation. Otherwise, that invitation is given to the next truck in line.

Apply once for the entire season and you’re all set!

Confirmations are sent out the first week of each month.

Any incomplete applications can not be considered.
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We are so excited to have you volunteer for H&8th! Please meet 15 minutes before the time you signed up to serve at Elemental Coffee on the corner of Hudson and 8th. Someone will be in contact with you to confirm.

During your hour of volunteering you will be "hosting" a street block on the event and helping people find where they need to go and enjoying the event yourself!
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